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A little poem to commemorate the near release of Mario Maker.

A button is clicked, a fan goes on,

The title screen opens to the opening song.

A button is pressed, there’s a high pitched click,

You kill your friend because you are a dick.

An industry goes under, like E.T. to a cave,

But over horizon thunder, rising up from the grave.

Overcome is a blunder, Nintendo is brave,

Quality does a wonder, and Mario saves.

Success is apparent up until, oh no,

Kids see a new mascot, Mario is too slow.

Quietly a new world, a world with gyro,

And the surprise 64 leaves critics aglow.

Oh, but 2D is lost to dreams of Sunshine,

And the GameCube struggles, holding on by mere twine.

But still one more new dream, one more new design,

Mario and motion Ninty did combine.

And it did indeed prove fine,

The stars did align,

Planets were assigned,

Was Galaxy not divine?

And now a new age begins,

Just as another one ends.

The old Wii U has paid dividends,

Near its funeral there are many friends.

We hope to see Link attend,

But it’s hard to contend.

The Wii U’s life will extend,

With Maker’s levels to lend.


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